Tyler, The Creator’s Golf le Fleur Demands Your Attention – GQ

Tyler, The Creator’s Golf le Fleur Demands Your Attention – GQ

If Tyler, The Creator has taught us one thing about his output, it is to expect the unexpected. He’s proven himself to be a wonderfully unpredictable force of creativity, from his music to the clothes and sneakers he designs. For its newest collection, his Golf le Fleur brand set its sights on the realm of luxury fashion, and the goods—full of high-end apparel, a first-ever fragrance, and well-designed accessories—hit the mark. One look, and it’s clear that Tyler, The Creator has arrived at the next level—and we’re not just talking about the label’s mountainside pop-up shop.

Longtime fans will instantly recognize the bold colors and eccentric style that the rapper-designer is known for. This time around, the go-to pastel palette is primarily made of soft blues and washed-out oranges. The surprising part is that the graphic-driven core of Golf Wang (the streetwear-inflected label that he debuted in 2013) is nowhere to be found. Instead, there are mohair cardigans ($500) and leather jackets ($1,100) and loafers ($305). Everything is decidedly high-end—some of the clothes are handmade in Italy. Which is also to say: it’s a reflection of Tyler’s own sartorial journey, from Fairfax skate rat to electric menswear royalty.

The new Golf le Fleur goods, as seen at the Malibu pop-up.

Luis “Panch” Perez

The collection also includes his first fragrance, French Waltz: a “rose-musk made for everyone.” Adding to the outside-of-clothes category are nail polish, sunglasses, moleskine notebooks—and a printed catalog, because why not? In addition to the impressive clothes and accessories, Tyler also designed the pop-up shop tucked away in the Malibu hills. And last week, a rotating cast of famous friends, from Kanye West to Jay-Z to André 3000, have stopped by the adobe-by-Flinstones abode. The shop houses the entire collection, but much of it can also be purchased via the Golf le Fleur website.

Everything style-related that Tyler has done over the past few years feels like it has led to this Golf le Fleur collection. We’ve seen him rise from a bratty provocateur in skinny jeans and Supreme caps to a serious performer in pleated pants and fuzzy cardigans. When it comes to his present-day personal style, he is one of one, smashing a skate-rat sensibility into new-wave American prep. He breaks plenty of fashion rules and subverts norms. And above all, he has fun and looks damn stylish while doing it. To watch Tyler, The Creator distill this profoundly personal vision of style into Golf le Fleur is a brightly colored sight to see—and the best part is knowing that he still has plenty of tricks up his pastel-hued sleeves.

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